Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shohel Rana

The another one who start her acting career in 1970 decade.He is  most famous her action film like (masud rana).her angry look was famous for bangladesi cenema audience.One of her most famous romantic  film(apar opar)the one of famous song in bangladesh for alltime (valobasar mollo koto..........)feture the movie is not only actor for producer and drictor many film all most three decades also marshal art expart her action film was superb mid 1980 to 2000 before bangladesi cenema get down from audience. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

alamgir(actor)bangladesh cenema

alamgir one of the leading actor of bangladeshi cenema.He is most handsome actor in bangladeshi film industry n also record holder national award winner of lead actor in film
her camistry with one of the most famous bangladesi actress sabana are most famous
in bangladesh .Her daughter akhi alamgir is famous bangladeshi singer .n her secend wife is runa lila one of the famous singer of bangladesh as well in the of her famous movie poka makorer ghar bosuti,anda bisshas,khama,santona,anurag etc.

razzak(actor)bangladesh cenema

razzak (raj)(active-1966-prs)one of the biggest superstar of bangladeshi cenema.Her first movie was vhehola(1966)one of superhit movie this time.He is superstar in 1970n continue more than decade in bangladesi cenema some of her famous movie -protishod,somadi,ononto prem,obuj mann,baba keno chakor, etc her son bappa raj ,n somrat also star in bangladesi cenema

He is living lagend of bangladesi cenema of her acting her crying scen famous in her fan. he acted allmost all herion in her time inculding Shabana,sabnam,suchanda,kabori,suchurita,babtia,natun,rojina all are famouse actress in bangladesi
cenema .he is also famous her father role after retire hero role most of her father role film like
Baba keno chakor,santan jakon shatru with her son bappa raj n nitiban ,janmodata,shohodarmini with another superstar of bangladesi cenema ilias kanchan ,santu kenu mastan,kukkato khuni,badsha kenu chakor with late superstar manna all succsesfull movie in boxoffice till date.
her Chemistry with actress bobita n shabana was famous her fan.